Trussville Retail Center Landscape Project with Specially Chosen Flowers and Trees

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

With a referral to us, we ended up having the privilege of enhancing the beauty of the new Trussville Retail Center next to Tutwiler Farms in Trussville with flowers and plants and trees that visitors can enjoy when they shop and eat at these new businesses.

Landscape Architect Duane Pritchett designed it. "I applaud him for choosing the black gum trees for shade," said David Fuqua, our general manager. "It is an under-utilized native shade tree that has fantastic fall color that ranges from scarlet red to brilliant orange, depending on conditions and time of color cycle." Hopefully we will see them used more often in the coming years.

The flowers in the pots were chosen largely based on availability, since the project was set for completion at an off time of the year. But we selected things that at least had a chance of making it thru a late season frost that is likely to come and well together in size, color, shape and weather tolerance.

Snapdragons did a lot of the heavy lifting at first because we have a wholesale vendor that grows some of the best around. A few of the pots in the alfresco dining area outside the Chicken Salad Chick, featured rosemary plants, an herb found in most kitchen gardens. With the warmth of spring in the air, they add a lovely aroma to the area.

Blue spire Salvia is tall and "spikey," which was added to fill in for the snapdragons as they succumb to the summer heat that always arrives with June. This is how we choose plants that complement each other, with one showy at one time, and another taking over the show later.

Every good planter needs something to spill over the sides to soften the edges of the pot, and one of our favorites is creeping jenny. I particularity like the chartreuse green one.

A new one for us to try is a huge Kalanchoe variety called "flapjacks." It's a really cool looking plant. We new we had to try a plant named "flapjacks."

Another filler for the pots was Artemisia powis castle. We hope that it does well, but not too well. If it decides that it likes where it is, it'll take over the world. Just keep pruners handy.

We pushed hard to get this project done before the opening of Chicken Salad Chick. But it was overall a great experience for us. And when they told us we could go crazy with the annual color, it was just icing on the cake.

Do you need advice on what plants to plant? Want to know more about the black gum tree? Contact us through the chat on this website, the email form below, or call us or come by. We can help you with your do-it-yourself landscape project or we can landscape it for you.


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