Bluestone Overlay Corrects Cracked Concrete around a Pool in Argo

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

When the Wendles bought their Argo home 17 years ago, one of the great features was the pool and attractive rock retaining wall, steps and outdoor fireplace. But around the pool was concrete. As expected, it developed cracks.

They asked what we could do, and the answer was clearly to overlay it with Pennsylvania bluestone, which blended well with the rock used in the stairs and retaining wall. Cracked concrete can be from any of a number of causes, some from poor workmanship and settling, as well as weather and time. By doing an overlay, we saved the Wendles some money from the other option of pulling out the concrete. Also, the bluestone makes for a more pleasing pool experience than the brighter concrete. When using bluestone, the coloring can be customized. You can choose true blue, or choose the brown coloring. In the Wendles' case, we used full-range, which means a variety of the bluestone colors. While there, we touched up their grouting in their retaining wall and stairs. And we wanted them to get some enjoyment from the pool this summer. So we are going to go back in the fall to do the protective coating over the stone work.

Pennsylvania bluestone comes from, as you might guess, Pennsylvania or Upstate New York. It is strong and a fine-grained sandstone that is resistant to cracking and discoloration. It is known for being smooth enough to lie upon but also rough enough to hinder slipping when wet.

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