Do It Yourself

If you love the challenges and satisfaction of gardening and landscaping, but your aren't happy with the offerings of the "big box" retailers, we offer landscaping materials (small or bulk orders) and special-order plants for pick up at our Trussville location, or we can deliver it to your home or business. 

We'll even give you some expert advice, if you ask.


Contrary to chain retail stores, our trees, plants, and shrubs are of landscape spec/quality from the best wholesale growers.


Species availability may depend on the season. Contact us to see if we can get what you are looking for.

landscaping materials:

$34.95 CY

Shredded Pine Bark Mulch -

$49.95 CY

Masonry Sand -

$42.95 CY

Limestone 8910 -

$51.95 CY

Mixed Top Soil* -

$5.75 Bale

Long Leaf Pine Straw -

$42.95 CY

Limestone 57 -

$35.95 CY

Top Soil -

$56.95 CY

Pea Gravel 5 -

* mixed top soil includes topsoil, sand, and pine bark fines

$2.00 Each

Bermuda Sod -

$220.00 Each

Bermuda Sod Pallet -

$2.00 Each

Centipede Sod -

$2.50 Each

Emerald Zoysia Sod -

$2.50 Each

Z-52 Zoysia Sod -

$220.00 Each

Centipede Sod Pallet -

$320.00 Each

Eme. Zoysia Sod Pallet -

$320.00 Each

Z-52 Zoysia Sod Pallet -

Mulch, Sand, Limestone, Soil, Gravel
One pallet of sod is 165 pieces and covers about 450 sq. ft. or 50 sq. yards.
One piece of sod covers 2.67 sq. ft., and 3.5 pieces cover 1 sq. yard.
pick-up and delivery:

For plants, contact us below and let us know what you want. We can order it and then you can pick it up at our Trussville location or we'll deliver it to you.

For the landscape materials, we have some onsite that are available immediately. Again, you can pick it up at our Trussville location (see address and map below), or we'll deliver it to you.

Contact us:

6991 Gadsden Highway

Trussville, AL 35173

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