The word "landscape" or "landscaping" is a broad word that can mean several different things to different people. In general, most of us think grass-tree-shrub-flowers when we use the word. So, in that vein, we want you to know our philosophy on plants and planting.

A fundamental key to plant success is picking the right plant for the right spot. More or less sun, high or low moisture, and acid or alkaline pH are a few things that make a significant difference. We can help you pick the best plants for the job.

Another key factor in plant selection is difficulty or ease of cultivation. Some of our customers are master gardeners in their own right and love the challenge of some of our more difficult species to grow.  On the other hand most of our clients are busy homeowners with tons of commitments. They just need their gardens to have their very best chance of thriving through the years. We’ll do our best to meet you where you are on the gardening scale and getting you the right plants for your outdoor space.

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